Residential Remodels

Sick of looking at those antiquated brass light fixtures? Our electricians can help.  Need more light in the kitchen? Say no more!  Residential remodels are Joshua Tree Electric’s speciality. We have a vast array of options for lighting and power upgrades. Give us a call so that we can set up a time to discuss electrical options for remodeling your home.

Another often overlooked item in the home are loose outlets.  Faulty outlets can cause fires.  When plugs need to be bent every which way simply to hold the outlet in place, it is time to replace the outlet.  This is a simple fix, but a qualified electrician can provide expert wiring methods to ensure the longevity and safety of the installation.  You can also take comfort in knowing that Joshua Tree Electric is partnered with electrical suppliers that provide the highest quality devices for your home.

Do you have an idea that doesn’t seem possible?  It is.  Call Joshua Tree Electric today! tel:(970)402-5844